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Our mission begins when a person is suffering. We're all tested in this life. At these times we will assist re: Information, public & private resources, contacts: Government Social Services, and more. Our goal: To learn as we focus on assisting the most vulnerable among us. Those of us in trouble, families in our communities forced into homelessness, single parents that struggle. The addicted, our mentally ill, our parolees that can't find employment and have no where to turn. Our senior citizens that may require knowledge & may simply need to be listened to. Some labored their entire live's earning SSA benefits and may be unaware who to contact for help. Our mission was conceived by a helper that awakened through a profound episode in 2006. The crisis fell on his family's shoulders & every person that he loved. With their help he survived. This effort would not be possible without prayer, forgiveness and love & the tremendous support given to him during this most trying of times.

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